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steamsounds recordings  
40 years of steamsounds
To mark the final update to the steamsounds website before it goes static I set myself the almost impossible task of picking a single track from my collection for each year since I started recording. To say that the choice has been difficult is an understatement as I had over 4300 recordings to choose from and, if I ever decide to, I'll need to set aside over 350 hours to listen to them all.
Although I won't be regularly updating the site from now on, I do expect to be able to continue making recordings for a while longer so, to make the caption above accurate, I'll be back at some point to add something from 2017 to make it the full 40 years.
Until I do that, here are 39 recordings; one from each year starting with one of my earliest from 1978...
1978 to 1987 1988 to 1997 1998 to 2007 2008 to 2017
5305 York
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Riding behind steam
Main line in the 80s
I spent a lot of time riding behind steam on the main line in the 80s...

Scarborough Spa Express
Recordings from some of the remarkable runs we had in the 80s...

Out at the lineside
I like a bit of lineside recording but why is the weather always bad...

On Preserved Lines
Preserved lines
Standard and narrow gauge lines up and down the country...

In Foreign Parts
A few from across the channel...

Some recent recordings
Final Update
50th Anniversary

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