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steamsounds photo gallery  

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Steam on UK main lines
46233 on Shap at sunrise 48151 at Shap Wells. An 8F on passenger can't have been a common sight 45305 going very well at Shap Wells 6201 at Shap Wells in typical 'Shap' weather 6201 at Langho on Whalley Bank Old and new on Beattock. 46115 heading for Glasgow 45407 climbing out of Bradford Interchange 62005 near Gregson Lane on the climb from Bamber Bridge 62005 at Port Clarence, Teeside 62005 climbing Giggleswick Bank 5690 passing flooded fields at Cononley near Skipton 6201 catching the sun at Langho on Whalley Bank 5407 arrivng at York I never expected to ride behind one of these on the main line! 30926 at Battersby 75029 on the climb from Battersby towards Kildale 76079 at Glaisdale ready to depart for Whitby 76079 at Whitby 45407 propelling its train out of Bog Hall sidings at Whitby 45305 turning on York's engineers triangle 60800 crossing Scarborough Bridge over the River Ouse at York 4771 (and a 'fire risk' diesel) arriving at York 46115 in York station ready to leave for Scarborough 60019 in the snow at York A bit of parralell running. 44932 runs alongside the SSE near Church Fenton 45407 & 76079 on the climb to Copy Pit near Kitson Wood 46115 crossing Lydgate Viaduct on the climb to Copy Pit 46233 accelerates on the level at Helwith Bridge an the northbound climb to Ribblehead 6201 at Selside Shaw 6201 at Mallerstang heading for Ais Gill 46115 about to reach Ais Gill summit 46115 at Lunds between Moorcock and Shotlock Hill tunnels not far from Ais Gill 44871 on the Waverley approaching Greengate Bridge near Kirkby Stephen 44871 at Selside Shaw 6201 crossing Ais Gill Viaduct 5690 at Blea Moor 6201 heading for Blea Moor Tunnel 6233 at Selside Shaw with the Royal Train 76079 pilots 45407 at Selside Shaw 46115 going well in the snow near Kirkby Stephen 5690 at Selside Shaw 45407 & 45231 approaching Greengate Bridge with a re-run of the 1968 15 Guinea Special 70013 at Selside Shaw with a re-run of the 1968 15 Guinea Special 6201 at Ribblehead 60009 at Ribblehead 6201 approaching Settle 45407 heading for Ribblehead in the rain at Selside Shaw A castle on the S&C. 5080 at Helwith Bridge 5690 crossing Ribblehead Viaduct 45407 & 76079 in the snow at Selside Shaw
Scarborough steam
6233 leaving Scarborough 60009 leaving Scarborough 46115 leaving Scarborough late on a winter afternoon 44871 in Platform 1 44871 departing from Scarborough The last semaphore signalled, steam departure from Scarborough. 10th September 2010 45305 leaving Scarborough. It just doesn't look the same without the gantry 45407 leaving Scarborough passing Falsgrave signalbox 0013 passing Falsgrave signalbox 46115 leaving Scarborough
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