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steamsounds photo gallery  

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Köln - the Hohenzollernbrücke Köln - the Hohenzollernbrücke Köln tram on the Deutzer Brücke The Hohenzollernbrücke - Yes, those are padlocks - there are thousands of them right across the bridge Köln - the Dom lit by the setting sun Köln - the Dom Köln - the Dom and the the Hohenzollernbrücke at Sunset Köln - the Hohenzollernbrücke Köln - the Dom Köln - the Dom Köln - the Dom Köln - the Dom catching the light On the Drachenfelsbahn - it's a cog railway at Königswinter On the Drachenfelsbahn - At the top Drachenfels - The view down the Rhein with some right bank freight The Schwebebahn near Wuppertal Oberbahmen Bad Honef - the view down the Rhein from Insel Grafenwerth Koblenz - the Deutches Eck where the Moselle meets the Rhein The Sauer meets the Moselle at Wasserbillig marking the border between Germany and Luxembourg Along the Moselle near Reil The view from the train in the Rhein Gorge passing the Lorely Burg Ehrenfels across the Rhein at Bingerbrücke Dresden - Part of the Schloss Dresden - the rebuilt Frauenkirche Dresden - gilded statue on the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden - Münzgasse Dresden - across the Elbe A Kirnitzschtalbahn tram at Bad Schandau The Kirnitzschtal near Lichtenhain The Elbe ferry at Kurort Rathen The Bastei Rocks at Rathen Hardly needs a caption, this one. Berlin - the Brandenburger Tor Berlin - the Bundestag The Brandenburger Tor Berlin - Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe A remnant of the Berlin Wall Berlin Hauptbahnhof Berlin Hauptbahnhof Berlin Hauptbahnhof Deutsche Bahn's offices at Potsdamer Platz Wansee Sassnitz on Rügen Island - that's a British submarine Sassnitz on Rügen Island Near Leitzow on Rügen Island Schwerin Statues outside Schwerin Hbf - Quite what they are doing I'll leave to your imagination The Rems valley near Lorch Hohenstaufen Hohenstaufen - the view south east from the top towards Ottenbach Hohenstaufen - the view east from the top towards Hohenrechberg The walled town of Nordlingen - the view from the tower of St. Georgskirche The view from the tower of St. Georgskirche, Nordlingen. The distant hills are the eroded remnants of an impact crater ringwall The walled town of Nordlingen - the view from the tower of St. Georgskirche Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof - will this building survive? Who says the germans don't have a sense of humour? The Dick factory at Esslingen In the Schwartzwald Hornburg in the Schwartzwald Titisee Ulm has the tallest church spire in the world Lindau on the Bodensee Lindau on the Bodensee Lindau Lindau Across the Bodensee Across the Bodensee Konstanz - why would you want a revolving 30 foot high statue of a prostitute at your harbour entrance? (Look up 'Imperia statue' if you don't believe me) Konstanz - Across the Bodensee towards the distant Alps Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Westerland, Sylt - You have to pay to get on the beach but it is a very nice beach Westerland - Strandkorbs The statues outside Westerland station suggest that it can get windy Norddeich Mole and a view to the Freisian Islands Norddeich Mole Norddeich Mole A distant view of the Alps on the way to München The Bavarian Alps at Oberstdorf On the way to Füssen Füssen - Mad (allegedly) King Ludwig II's Schloß Neuschwanstein with the mountains bordering Austria behind it Füssen - Schloß Neuschwanstein Füssen - the Forgensee Füssen Hopfen am See, Bavaria On the way to Mittenwald Garmisch Partenkirchen - the Alpspitz and Zugspitz - the highest mountain in Germany The Alpspitz Garmisch Partenkirchen from the Wank (careful with your German pronunciation) Garmisch Partenkirchen Garmisch Partenkirchen - Franziskanerkloster St. Anton Garmisch Partenkirchen - Looking towards the Wettersteingebirge
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