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steamsounds photo gallery  

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UK main line steam
Not the biggest freight train you'll ever see heading for Leeds through my younger self's stamping ground; Stanningley Stanningley again and a B1 doing a bit of shunting in the goods yard A Fairburn Tank passing through Stanningley (for Farsley) heading for Bradford Exchange Fairburn Tank 42689 heading for Leeds through Stanningley with an early evening Bradford portion of a London train Stanningley again with 42252 heading for Bradford The Leeds and London bound Yorkshire Pullman hurrying through Stanningley Woops! 61337 took to the earth while shunting the goods yard at Stanningley. Stanningley again. This must have been a few days before (or maybe after if the poster hadn't been changed) York racecourse's August Ebor race meeting in 1966 Heading for Bradford, a Fairburn tank had been stopped by signals at St. Dunstans 42072 waiting for its next turn of duty at Bradford Exchange Low Moor's 44694 waiting at Bradford Exchange 1967. Almost the end. On the penultimate day of steam working in the West Riding 61306 waits with the 09:00 London train Two Black 5s waiting to leave Bradford Exchange 42616 at Bradford Exchange out in the open 44694 ready to leave Bradford Exchange 44662 climbing the 1 in 50 gradient out of Bradford Exchange with one of the two 8:20 Summer Saturday departures. 44662 was on the Skegness train, I was on the Bridlington train with 44694. Money usually changed hands to ensure that the departures really were simultaneous! 44694 at St. Dunstans with the Yorkshire Pullman Jubilees weren't common in Bradford Exchange. 45562 passing Mill Lane Jn. with a special 42055 on a miserable Bradford day passing St. Dunstans 61306 lays down a smoke screen passing St. Dunstans with the Yorkshire Pullman Back to that penultimate day in 1967. 61306 by the coaling plant at Low Moor. We had no idea that the loco would be saved Also saved was 45428. I'd just had a (completely unofficial) footplate ride from Exchange up to Low Moor Fairburn tank 42141 in the shed at Low Moor 61306 looking clean for its last few days at Low Moor Low Moor wasn't Bradford's only shed. At the other side of Bradford was Manningham East of Leeds was Neville Hill which had two roundhouses. Look in the background between the Fairburn tank and the Transpennine DMU driving trailer and you can see the preserved N7 and the tender of 'Great Marquess' Holbeck shed in Leeds also had two turntables 77000 has just passed under the Leeds Ring Road at Calverley & Rodley 45072 heading away from Leeds with a westbound freight has just passed under Newlaithes Bridge between Newley & Horsforth and Calverley & Rodley Same spot, same direction with 92110 and another freight 92110 at Newlaithes Bridge again 45219 with a train from Morecambe arriving at Keighley 45562 ready to leave Keighley with the 10:17 SO Leeds to Glasgow; one of the last regular Holbeck Jubilee turns At Skipton 45647 has just rescued a Morecambe to Leeds DMU A southbound 9F meets a northbound Black 5 at Skipton Leeds City station with 42072 ready to depart with the Bradford portion of a London train 42283 in Leeds City 44662 at Leeds having arrived from Bradford Exchange with the Yorkshire Pullman 44912 in the Wellington side of Leeds City, just about where Platform 3 is now 45080 leaving Leeds with a 1967 Summer Saturday extra heading west 45280 with another westbound Summer Saturday extra at Leeds 61306 at Leeds on that penultimate Saturday in 1967 61306 at Leeds on that penultimate Saturday in 1967 An 8F at Mirfield. That's a bit of Mirfield shed in the background 45562 at Normanton with a special 44694 leaving Normanton with the 8:20 SO Bradford Exchange to Bridlington An unidentifiable WD under the coaling plant at Normanton 45562 leaving Normanton with a special 45675 about to pass through York station Flying Scotsman passing through Manchester Exchange with a William's & Glyn's Bank Club special to Carnforth Slightly less glamorous is Crab 42734 also passing through Manchester Exchange 45149 in Manchester Victoria 43019 steaming gently at Blackburn At Preston an 8F passes through the East Lancs side of the station 43027 at Preston with a two coach train to Windermere 44800 at the south end of Preston station 45017 leaving Preston with a parcels train 48637 approaching Preston with a northbound freight 70013 with a special at Preston 70045 approaching Preston 75034 in the East Lancs side of Preston station A Black 5 leaving Preston with a train for Blackpool South 70021 relegated to freight passing through Preston Birkenhead shed with a Crab and a Jinty Now preserved Stanier Crab 42968 in store at Springs Branch, Wigan 43106 on the turntable at Beattock having worked the Border Countyman from Carlisle Caprotti Standard 5 73144 at Patricroft 82000 at Patricroft Three 9Fs at Birkenhead Ready for scrapping at Draper's, air pump fitted 92097 waits at Hull Dairycoates 46115 at Carlisle Kingmoor 73043 at Basingstoke Beattock shed Dunfermline shed Nuneaton shed WDs in the roundhouse at Dairycotes Workington shed 65894, now preserved, at Sunderland South Dock shed 65894 passing Ryhope Jn. with empties bound for Ryhope Colliery 45593 at Wrexham General on a wet day in April 1967 with a special from Bradford to Chester, Shrewsbury and Crewe 0-6-2T 6604 passing through Wrexham General Shrewsbury shed 7802 having arrived at Shrewsbury with the Cambrian Coast Express 70051 at Crewe 70024 takes a parcels train out of the goods loop at Carnforth A Crosti 9F passing Carnforth heading south The Border Countryman at Carlisle. 43106 has just arrived from Beattock and 45562 is waiting to take over for the run back to Leeds via Newcastle 70014 at Carlisle Mallerstang, 11th August 1968 - The End. Well, we really thought it was as we watched 70013 heading south light engine from Carlisle after working the 15 Guinea Special
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